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History of Raymore

The Raymore Township was one of the last areas settled in Cass County due to the fact that there were no large creeks or trees and it was considered a continuation of the Kansas prairie. Prior to the Civil War there had been only three inhabitants in the township. It was not until after the war that settlement grew rapidly and the extremely rich prairie soil was exploited.


No Civil War battles were fought in the Raymore area; however, it was used as camping grounds for both the Kansas Jayhawkers and Quantrell’s Raiders.

Under Order No. 11 issued by Union Army General Ewing all non-unionists had to leave the county and their crops and buildings were destroyed. The Raymore area is part of the area that was called the “Burnt District.”

After the war people began to return to the area and rebuild. The first Post Office was called the Hazen Post Office and was believed to be named after Union General William Hazen.

Raymore, Missouri was named after two of its founding fathers, Mr. George Rea and Mr. Henry Moore. Both men were involved with building the Kansas City, Clinton and Springfield Railroad

Dr. L.F. Gray was the first physician in Raymore and the first Post Master. The Post Office was located in his home the first year it was established.

The Post Office moved to the dry goods store and Dr. Gray built a beautiful 2-story home located north of the current 58 Highway. This home is now the location of Woodson Antiques.

The first church established in Raymore was the Presbyterian Church. Initially, meetings were held in the train depot.

The first school in Raymore was established. The school was in the front room of the teacher’s home, which also happened to be the railroad depot agent. Teaching duties were temporarily set aside when the train pulled into town.

The construction of the Presbyterian Church was completed and meetings were moved out of the train depot.

The City of Raymore became incorporated.

The Kansas City, Clinton, and Springfield Railroad started running through Raymore. For nearly 50 years, eight trains a day stopped at the Raymore Depot on their way to Clinton and Springfield, Missouri. Passengers and crew often stayed at the hotel in town.

The first official school building was built and had 60 pupils its first year.

The Raymore and Peculiar School Districts consolidated into the Raymore-Pecuilar School District.

Raymore became a Fourth Class City.

Raymore became a Charter City.

Today, the City is approximately 20 square miles in area and is located in Cass County, Missouri, approximately 20 miles south of Downtown Kansas City the west central part of the state. The present estimated Population of the City is 19,754. Raymore’s recent history is dominated by rapid growth. Located in northwestern Cass County along U.S. 71 Highway, Raymore is one of the fastest growing communities in the area, consistently placing among the top three communities in monthly statistics of new residential construction.

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