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The Raymore township was one of the last areas settled in Cass County due to the fact that there were no large creeks and few trees. Prior to the Civil War in 1861 there had only been three inhabitants of the Raymore Township. It was not until after the war that settlement grew rapidly and the extremely rich prairie soil was exploited.

Welcome to Raymore, Missouri

In 1874, Raymore was initially laid out by Rae, Moore, and Leas. Raymore was named after George Rae and H.C. Moore. Raymore was incorporated March 20, 1877 and became a Fourth Class City March 5, 1888. The original town area was approximately 80 acres.

Raymore's early history is a little sketchy because official records were not kept before 1923. There was no regular meeting place to conduct city business, so meetings were usually held in the home of the mayor, city clerk, or one of the places of business. For example, city business meetings were held at Hays Barber Shop for four consecutive years.

In 1876, the first school opened in the front room of the teacher's home. The teacher was also the railroad depot agent. Whenever a train whistled into town, school closed down until the train left.

Raymore's streets were not named when the city was platted. As the city grew and automobiles became so numerous, the streets were named. The streets running north and south were named after presidents and the east-west streets were named after types of trees.

In April of 1893 two tornadoes ripped through the Raymore township. These storms produced hail up to eight inches in diameter and extremely high winds. The tornados severely damaged the Gore farm and threw the Funk farmhouse 60 feet from the foundation. During the course of the storm, a total of three horses were seen flying overhead. Two of the horses only had minor injuries. Many structures were destroyed and a lot of smaller livestock was killed, but the human casualties were minimal. The hail within the city limits was light, but the winds were strong enough to move some houses an inch or two on their foundations.

Raymore's recent history is dominated by its rapid growth. Located in northwestern Cass County along U.S. 71 Highway, Raymore is one of the fastest growing communities in the area, consistently placing among the top three communities in monthly statistics of new residential construction.